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Cambridge Anthracite
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Sienna Anthracite
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Mars Khaki twill
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Mao Beige
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Mars Brown
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Lecca Black
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Recycled and organic cotton

Dunn Mid-Blue

Size - 24 : Out of stock Low stock Low stock: 5 left In stock
Size guide
Straight cut, mid-rise waist. The length of the leg whatever the size is a 32 or 81.3cm.

This garment is designed for a feminine morphology, please refer to our size guide.
TAILLE NOYOCO (US)242526272829303132
A. Taille (cm)353637383940414243
C. Cuisse (cm)27.52828.52929.53030.53131.5
G. Fourche avant (cm)23.52424.52525.52626.52727.5
Guide des tailles
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Disponibilité en boutiques
The noyoco women's five-pocket jean, or as we call it: Clean Denim. Made from materials and processes with the lowest possible ecological impact. Made and dyed in Italy from 83% GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified recycled cotton and 17% organic cotton. Straight fit and mid-rise waist. Smart Indigo dyeing without petroleum polymers, NaturalReco color fixing with food waste and innovative washing without toxic products. The jacron is made of plant cellulose. Every piece in the noyoco wardrobe is made in Europe, from the material to the garment.

- 83% recycled and GRS (Global Recycle Standard)-certified cotton, 17% organic cotton
- Fabric weight: 13.2oz
- Smart Indigo dye without petroleum polymers
- NaturalReco dye fixing without miscroplastics
- Ozone x E-flow wash without toxic chemicals
- 5-pocket jeans
- Button fly
- Embroidered rivets
- Vegan Jacron in cellulose and gum, dyed from walnut shells
- Nickel-free, non-plated aluminum buttons
- Khaki-colored topstitching threads
- Canvas woven in Italy and garment made in Portugal
Material : Organic cotton consumes less water than traditional cotton and requires no pesticides. The absence of chemicals greatly reduces the risk of allergies. Among its many advantages, it also has a softer feel, making garments particularly pleasant to wear.
Mostly grown in Europe, linen is not water-hungry, needing only rain to grow. It is a natural fiber that is resistant, thermoregulating and easy to dye. Its minimal carbon footprint makes it a highly eco-responsible fiber.
Supplier : Our supplier produces revolutionary denim through a production system inspired by the circular economy, designed to combine technology and new materials to minimize waste, water and energy. It purchases exclusively certified organic yarns and regenerated cotton from both post-consumer and pre-consumer waste, supported by spinning mills selected according to exacting eco-sustainability and quality standards. It also uses an innovative ecological dyeing process called "Smart Indigo". Indigo is insoluble in water: the dyes traditionally used are based on reduction by hydrosulfites, often extremely polluting and hazardous to health. "Smart Indigo" uses only indigo pigment, caustic soda (NaOH), water and electricity: it's an electrochemical process, so it doesn't use hydrosulfites. Recycling wastewater is also simpler and more efficient with this technique.
We tell you everything about

How to take care

Wash at 30°C or by hand to preserve the fabric and shape of your garments. Turn your garment inside out to avoid damaging the fibers.
No machine drying! There's nothing like air-drying out of the sun to preserve fabric and color.
You can iron at medium temperature (150°C).

La marque noyoco


L’industrie de la mode a un gros problème. C’est la 2nde la plus polluante au monde.
Ses émissions de CO2 dépassent celles du transport aérien et maritime combinées.

Depuis 2014, noyoco a mis en place un réseau unique d'upcycling et d'approvisionnement en matière low impact.

Découvrez la marque


Oui, noyoco est une marque unisexe. Nos vêtements sont concus pour être portés par l'homme ou la femme.
Nous vous recommandons de suivre notre table des correspondances pour choisir au mieux.

Sous chaque description, il y a un guide des tailles. Lisez-le!

Vous pouvez aussi appeler la boutique pour être conseillé.

Livraison et retours

Vos commandes sont traitées en 24h et sont livrées généralement en 2 jours, en fonction du transporteur choisi.

Si vous avez le moindre doutes sur votre taille, n'hésitez pas a contacter la boutique ou à nous écrire sur shop at (on écrit pas le mail complet à cause des spams).

Pour nous retourner un article, vous disposez de 30 jours à compter de la commande.

On a codé un magnifique portail retour qui vous permet d'obtenir gratuitement votre étiquette Colissimo.

Production Européenne
Production Européenne

Tous nos vêtements sont fabriqués en Europe.

Matières Certifiées
Matières Certifiées

Nos matières proviennent de démarches éco-responsables et répondent à des certifications strictes et engagées.

Livraison offerte en France
Livraison offerte en France

Dès 150€ d'achat

Retour gratuit
Retour gratuit

Sous 30 jours à compter de la commande

Service client
Service client

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 19h30 par email ou bien au +33 1 40 33 13 92