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Gumi black
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Gumi Foggy blue
Regular price $42
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Faro Foggy blue
Regular price $42
Handy brown
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Handy ecru
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Newport grey
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Boston grey
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Ontario Sky blue poplin
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Good morning,

we are a creative studio based in Paris,

Since 2016, our teams have traveled the world in search of
of the most exceptional, innovative and sustainable natural fabrics.

Our mission is to provide you with limited edition clothing for your next adventure.

Our collections are designed for explorers, innovators, the curious. A modern, eco-friendly wardrobe with a spirit of adventure and a touch of comfort.

Through our product stories, our goal is to inspire people to explore, connect with nature, and build beautiful things.

extraordinary materials

They are selected for their durability, their impact on the environment,
and you won't find them anywhere else



With 140 billion items of clothing produced per year, you can imagine that there are a few rolls of clothing that get lost in nature. We are here to bring them home.

Since 2017, we have built an upcycling chain which allows us to put high-quality natural materials called “deadstock” back into circulation. They come mainly from Italy, from large houses which no longer use them. They come from production surpluses, designer cancellations, end of stocks, etc.

Result: no additional material created. Less fertilizers, pesticides, less water consumed, CO2 emitted, and less waste on Earth.

Upcycling of deadstock materials represents between 50 and 70% of our clothing depending on the season. And it's probably the best thing we've done for the planet. But you're welcome, it's natural.

homme à contrejour sur une plage avec le reflet de l'eau bleue


The rest of our materials come to us from our favorite weavers, mainly from the big houses of Italy and Portugal.

We call them low-impact. Because it's true, and also because it sounds good.

They are natural and have an ecological balance sheet much higher than 95% of the materials used in the world. Linen, hemp, lyocell, virgin wool, organic cotton... they have their own characteristics and consume fewer natural resources, emit less CO2, do not require pesticides, do not release chemicals into the environment, are recyclable and biodegradable.

This allows us to considerably reduce the environmental impact of our collections.

étiquette de vêtement noyoco dans le sable et l'eau d'une place en Normandie
But also


When you machine wash clothing made of synthetic material (polyester, polyamide, nylon, etc.), it releases hundreds of thousands of micro plastic particles, too small to be stopped by the filter.

They flow with wastewater into the oceans.
The fish end up gobbling them, and we gobble the fish. Go vegan?

These synthetic fibers represent 65% of the fibers used worldwide.

Green Peace calculated in 2014 that this represented the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles in the oceans. Devastating.

This is why you will only find biodegradable fibers at noyoco.

And it's non-negotiable.

Made in Europe

We carefully choose our production partners, taking into account their know-how and their commitments.

100% of our workshops are in Europe.

Our knitting and weaving specialists are in Portugal and Italy, our warp and weft manufacturing specialists are in Romania. We opened a production office in Bucharest to ensure logistics, development, material testing and quality controls of our collections directly on site, with our local team: GOOD LABEL Europe.

They are at the heart of our process of revaluing second-hand materials and it is thanks to them that we are able to offer you limited editions in exceptional materials season after season.

To know more

European Production
European Production

All our clothes are made in Europe.

Certified Materials
Certified Materials

Our materials come from eco-responsible approaches and meet strict and committed certifications.

Free delivery in France
Free delivery in France

From 150€ of purchase

Free return
Free return

Within 30 days of order

Customer service
Customer service

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. by email or on +33 1 40 33 13 92