Who we are

Hello, we are noyoco studio and we are from Paris.

We are a bunch of kids who grew up traveling the world.

We have chosen to pursue our dreams together, inspire others to do the same, and bring good & creative people closer.

We personnaly believe that when you chose freedom, passion and hard work everyone can help create a better world.

We want a multicultural, optimistic and sustainable future, both for the human and the environnement.

And we wake up every morning to build it.

What we do

You probably didn’t know it but fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, right next to oil.

Our objective is to create sustainable basics for people who care.

That’s why we design clean, minimalistic pieces made in the best natural and organic european fabrics.

We work with local manufacturers and creatives to reduce the carbon print of every piece as much as we can.

for boys & girls

We basically design the clothes we want to wear everyday.

Oh, and all our clothes are unisex. Because we believe that you should not have to chose your gender, only your style.

That’s why we make elegant and casual basics that can easily be worn no matter who you are.

We love strong & independant women, sophisticated guys, androginuous indivuals, those who «borrow» clothes from their partners and open-minded people in general.

Now, whether you’re a boy or a girl, it’s only about finding the right size ♥