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noyoco est une marque parisienne qui développe un vestiaire mixte et écoresponsable.

Nous utilisons uniquement des matières naturelles, bio, recyclées venues d’Italie, du Portugal.

Nous récupérons également des rouleaux dits «deadstocks» inutilisés de grandes maisons pour vous proposer des collections en upcycling.

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noyoco: when sustainable meets cool.
Sustainable clothing for cool people.
Cool is the attitude, sustainable is the mission.
A great way to save the planet is to wash cold. By hand. In a river. Just kidding, forget the river.
You look amazing today
noyoco is unisex
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Essent'ial is a concept, a lifestyle. A way of living each day with respect for people, beauty, culture and nature.
To appreciate their inner essence.

Objects made from recycled and certified raw materials.
A deep respect for the environment, the countryside and our culture.

Design objects for everyday use. Paper apparently shapeless, but actually hard, washable, very attractive products.

Simple shapes, essential, giving life through the tactile appeal of the substance: the beauty of simplicity.

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porte carte fibre cellulose
out of stock

Porte monnaie ZIP fibre cellulose

Trousse Cylindrique en Fibre cellulose
out of stock

Sac à dos fibre de cellulose

Sac Cabas Fibre Cellulose

SAC XXXL fibre cellulose

Pochette ordinateur fibre cellulose